6 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

Let’s talk branding. Whenever someone sends me their portfolio and asks for feedbacks, I always tell them to build a personal brand first. Many intern architects overlook this, because we are architects not graphic designers. We build buildings, not branding. 

Building a brand is a self-realizing process.

They think that employers only look at their drawings not the pretty fonts around it. But branding is more than just putting your pretty renderings in a pretty Indesign template. It doesn’t just help you find a job; it helps you realize who you are as a designer/architect.

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5 Ways Personal Branding Can Forward Your Career

Almost all of us nowadays have a brand on social media that is unconsciously crowd-sourced by everyone we know. The question is no longer IF architects need a personal brand, but how we can curate the brand that already exists. The difference between a successful brand and merely a digital existence is the consciousness behind it. I have written an article on the 6 Keys to Build Your Brand on my blog, but here I want to shift our gear towards seeing branding as a tool to help us succeed in our careers.

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Drinks with Brooks Atwood of POD Design

Two posts in a row...We are featuring Brooks Atwood = co-founder and head of POD Design = assistant professor of Industrial Design = assistant director of the Idea Factory in theCollege of Architecture and Design at New Jersey Institute of Technology (my school!!)

As inspiring as always, Brooks talks about his design inspiration and advices for young designers like us. Let's have drinks with Brooks.

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