Icon: Asbury Park

LOCATION  Asbury Park, NJ

TYPE  ICON TV Competition (2nd Place)

SIZE  80,000 sf

This icon is designed to be a charm bracelet to celebrate the memories that Asbury Park brought to our childhood. The form of a ring is created as a loop of memory, shaped by the site conditions, wrapping around a space in the plaza for different events to happen. Although the form has a reminiscent of the past amusement park, it is up to us to conceive the icon based on our own different memory of Asbury Park. Made of reflective stainless steel, the structure reflects its surrounding during the day and emits different colors of lights at night. Not only do the steel plates under the ring enclose a space, but also allow visitors to carve on and leave a mark. After all, this icon is not only a place to reflect its past but to embrace a variety of new memories in the future.