Why You Should Always Poop at Work?

Yes I said it. You should always poop at work. This is not an intern thing, not an architect thing; it’s just something that should happen. I know you are embarrassed when that person sitting next to the restroom knows exactly how long you have been in there. You probably also feel sorry when the next person walks into the toilet stall after you. Even if you spray some air freshener afterwards, they know WHY you did it. But there are also good reasons why you should do it like...

1. You actually make money for it.

My friend and I did the math once. Let’s say you get paid $30 an hour. If you spend 30 minutes pooping everyday, that’s $15. In a month, that’s $300. In a year, that’s $3,600 - not too shabby huh? Now which project you bill it to is totally up to you.

2. It’s the only me time.

Smokers take their smoking breaks. Coffee drinkers walk over to Starbucks for their afternoon pick-me-up. Parents can leave early to pick up their kids. Since I am neither of those, the only me time I get at work is when I am in the restroom contemplating about life and doing you know what.

3. Creativity comes naturally...

How did this blog post idea come up? You can probably guess…

4. Catch up on everything else.

We all have a life outside of work. Need time to say hi to my sister in HK? Scroll through instagram for the day? Plan my dinner with my cousin? All done in the stinky stall.

5. It clears your mind.

On top of everything else that you can do in the stall, you could actually think about work too. Lately I have been working on as many as eight projects. I find the most efficient time to plan my workday is when I poop. When it clears your body, it clears your mind too.

All I am really saying is take a break! Like many interns, we are the go to person when they need a sketch for a RFI, or a quick test fit done or sending out a CD set in one day. It could be super stressful with so many things going on. When my time sheets look like a PM’s (except I am really not), I have finally realized how important it is to take breaks.

Next time you are in the restroom, you can watch this but don't let others hear you laugh.

Any tips on how to poop at work? What do you do to take breaks? Share and let us know!


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