ARE Day 035: Scheduled My Exam

What's your study tunes? I am up to the fifth album of Colour Haze today...For some reasons, the tunes help me focus and energized when I study. It's probably just because I like their music. Anyway, work had been super busy this past week that I couldn't study for a week. To stop myself from infinitively pushing off my studying because of work, I finally scheduled my exam! 

ARE Day 035

Exam: CDS
Date: April 24th at 6pm

Two and a half week from now, I will be sitting in front of that computer taking the exam. Yet I don't feel prepared and still haven't practiced the vignette at all?! So I went ahead and did the final exam on Kaplan last night. Got a 60/80 (75%) which I guess is not bad, but I can sure do better. Then today I did a quick test on the NCARB sample questions and ended up with 34/48. I found that I really need to be better at contracts, insurance and bond concepts. Other than that, I have a pretty good grasp on all the other concepts.

Here is my plan for the coming 2 1/2 weeks:

  1. Listen to the Schiff Hardin Lectures on contracts one more time during work. 
  2. Practice the vignette program at lunch time.
  3. Do more mock exams and and mark down things that I need to work on.
  4. Just keep reading through my already-over-70-page notes.
  5. Find a day to quickly skim through Jenny's PPP notes (since everyone on arecoach is saying there are some PPP topics coming up in the exam)
  6. If I have time, I will skim through SPD, but probably not going to happen...

Now I have to finish studying for building codes then I have pretty much covered all the topics from the NCARB CDS study guide in my notes.

One last thing - Did you know that the required AIA documents are free from your myNCARB page? Although I already have these sample documents, it's good to know that it's available to everyone online. Here is a link for the instruction: AIA Documents Free Though My NCARB for ARE Candidates

Thanks for reading! Good luck studying!

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