Next Station: Gensler

If you remember about two years ago, I wrote about my experience on getting my second job. Now I am moving on to the third one. Three years ago when I first graduated, I had a plan of where I would go:

  1. A small firm to learn as much as I can about the basic business of architecture.
  2. A medium-sized firm for a more diverse design project experience.
  3. A well-known international firm to work on international projects so I can make my way back to Hong Kong.
Next Station: Gensler

I did it! I started at an 8-person firm doing anything from putting away toilet paper to going to client interviews. Then I went to a 60-person firm working on different project types from designing, rendering, detailing and documenting. Next week I will be working in Gensler NY! Exciting? It's actually quite nerve-racking.

This transition is not an easy one. My commute to work will be an hour and a half each way (gosh...but it will give me time to write more on this blog) until I find a place to move closer to the city (if I can ever afford it - as you all know how much we make...). Everyone at my previous firm was also so nice and loving that it was heart-breaking to leave them. Seriously, I cried many times thinking of leaving all the friends that I have made. Being in a corporate environment is also a very big difference than what I am used to. But I took the risk, and decided it's time for me to reach the goal that I set out for myself. Plus, during the summer, I have had four interviews and all of them gave me an offer. I will write about my interview experience in the next post. Stay tuned! 

Remember what I said two years ago?
Never give up, we will all get there.
Have you gotten where you want to go yet? Share with us!

Thanks for reading and all the support that you have given for the past three years! I will keep writing and share my experience with you guys as I move along.

P.S. Starting my new job on Monday! I will let you know how it goes.


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